All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]


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All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]
All Ages Unlimited License [Package #4]

The All-Ages Unlimited License Package includes:

1. Thirteen PDF pages of sermon note-taking sheets

This option includes unlimited printing rights for the entire thirteen-page Sermon Note Bundle plus updates and additions we make in the future.  We just updated this package to include a sermon note-taking sheet for church at home. 

These rights never expire and belong to the church.

Our branding will be replaced with your church web address, or church provided graphic on each page. 

This bundle includes 13 original sermon note sheets.    

Each page has a set of ten questions that are always included.  

The ten questions we always include are:

1. The preacher today was _____________

2. These notes were written by _________

3. Questions I have ______________

4. Words I don't know _____________

5. This week I will pray for ___________

6. Some upcoming church events that I'm excited about are _____________

7. Today's scripture is _________

8. Illustrate a scene from today's sermon.

9. Today I learned ______________

10. My favorite song was ____________

Some pages also have extra questions like:

What are your lunch plans for today?

What are some things you're grateful for?

What is your favorite thing about nature?

What is your favorite thing about your outfit today?

Plus each page has lots of fun things to color and space to doodle!

These sheets are probably best suited for children 6-12 years old, but we've seen much older and much younger use them.

You will get an email with a link to download a PDF with 12 sermon note sheets. 

2.  127 PDF pages of scripture coloring sheets

Each of these sheets features scripture and a fun design to color.

These are perfect for little ones not quite ready for taking notes or kids who need a little bit more to do than just take notes. 

These coloring sheets are available in King James Version or in a mix of versions.  (We simply chose the version with the wording that we thought would be easiest for kids to understand and remember.)

Please let us know which version you would prefer. 

This package includes 140 pages in total. 

The unlimited printing licensure reads as follows:

This unlimited licensing agreement allows [YOUR CHURCH NAME] to make unlimited photocopies of the Twelve Page Sermon Note Taking Sheet Bundle provided that all of the following four conditions are met: (1) that it is distributed only within your church group and not shared with other churches, businesses or people outside of your normal scope of ministry, (2) it is distributed free of charge, and (3) it is not uploaded online.  

In addition, retains the original rights to the Twelve Page Sermon Note Taking Sheet Bundle.

This licensure agreement is good indefinitely provided all of the above conditions are met.

We have a guaranteed 72-hour turn around for the personalized branding on the Sermon Note Taking Bundle.  (The 72 hours begins when your payment AND customization information is received.)

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